Rescued Puppy Just Keeps On Going Against The Odds

pegasus project

This lovely story is so uplifting. Pegasus was rescued from a puppy farm and then adopted by an owner who was told she would go deaf and blind if she lived after her horrific ordeal.

He decided to record their time together, every day.

We see Pegasus the double merle Great Dane puppy trotting on a treadmill, getting distracting and mouthing on her Daddy before getting underfoot whilst walking and slowly growing up before our eyes. It’s a truly stunning piece of art work, as well as a wonderful tale of overcoming the odds as you see Pegasus keep on walking on that treadmill, growing into a gorgeous and loving dog. Pegasus’ owner still doesn’t know how long she has left, but they are enjoying every single moment they have together.

Pegasus now lives with a new owner with a big back garden and a Great Dane playmate but still gets lots of visits and love from Daddy – so she is living her happy ending!



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