Rescue Dogs Enjoy A Day At The Waterpark And It’s All The Cute You’d Expect

Rescue Dogs Water Park

Well now, this is super lovely! Rescue dogs get to have a fab day out at the waterpark and it is just totally adorable to watch. Bronx the Shih-Tzu was a stray and left for dead. Having been cleaned up and treated he was adopted by Rodney who worked at the local shelter! Rodney decided to take him to the water park as a special treat. Charlie and Leo are also rescued dogs who bring happiness and joy to their owners lives, as does Belle the Dachshund/Pit Bull mix.

This big day out helps the rescue dogs socialise with other dogs, as well as get used to swimming pools, water slides and splashing about! It’s great seeing these dogs being loved and loving playing around. All a rescue dog needs is love, a little patience and training and they can be your new best friend. Please consider adopting a rescue dog!

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