Recommended Products and Supplies For Dogs

People say “It’s a dog’s life”, when things are going wrong. Well, it’s time to turn that aphorism on its head with our fabulous run down of products that make your dog’s life AWESOME!

We at The I Love Dogs Club know that our readers want the very best for their dog, so we have come up with numerous ‘Best of’ lists, covering collars, leads and harnesses, right through to treats, gifts and toys. We’ve done the hard work for you in researching the best of the best on the market, investigating hundreds of doggy products and seeing if they stand up to our very high standards.

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You can be rest assured that the products listed below are ones that will make your dog’s life better – be it through making him safer or more well behaved, or providing joy and fun to his everyday shenanigans. Take a look through our recommendations and take your pick!

Collars for Dogs

Dog collars
Every dog needs a collar. Not for vanity reasons, but for legal reasons. In the UK, and lots of other countries, it is actually illegal to have a dog in a public place without a collar and ID tag. A collar, therefore, is one of the most important purchases you will make for your dog, not least because he will have it around it’s neck for the vast majority of its life.

Imagine a scarf that’s too tight, or too loose and keeps getting caught on things, or is too warm in summer, or scratches your neck. The same things apply when buying a collar for your dog. Durability and the comfort of your dog needs to come before aesthetics here. That designer polka dot collar made of hessian is SO on trend right now, but if it falls apart after a month, or irritates your dog’s skin, it’s a colossal waste of money.  Our lists of collars give you the lowdown on using the right collar for YOUR dog.

Dog Harnesses

Dog HarnessA harness isn’t a necessity for most dogs, but can be hugely helpful when training a puppy to walk on the lead, or in preventing more boisterous pooches from pulling or jumping up. A quality harness will ensure that your dog is safe and doesn’t get hurt, and will be easy to fit.

There are lots of different types of harness on the market and the type you use is very much down to the breed of dog you have and how ‘enthusiastic’ he is about pulling or jumping. We have collated lists of the best harnesses for different types of dogs below.

  • Best harnesses for heavy pullers
  • Best harnesses for small dogs
  • Best harnesses for medium dogs
  • Best cheap harnesses
  • Overall best dog harnesses

Dogs Leads

Dog LeadsA dog’s lead is almost like a fifth limb, connecting you and him together. The lead becomes an extension of your arm when out walking as you relax, pull, shorten and lengthen the lead to guide your dog. For your canine friend, it is a ‘safety harness’, preventing them from running into danger or getting too friendly with other dogs and people.

A lead can be a piece of old rope or the latest in bungee type technology – there are literally 1000s to choose from. It’s important to remember that a lead needs to work for both you and your dog. You don’t want a lead that is too heavy for you but too light to be able to hold your dog back. A long lead with a complicated mechanism to shorten the length of the lead will be tricky for people with limited dexterity in their hands.

Have a look at our articles below to work out what type of lead would work best for you and your dog.

  • Best non pull dog leads
  • Best dog leads for puppies
  • Best strong dog leads
  • Best cheap dog leads
  • Overall best dog leads

Dog Beds

Dog BedsThere are few things in the world that feel better than flopping into bed at the end of a hard day’s work and play, is there? It’s exactly the same for your dog. After he has spent the day guarding the house, walking, training, sniffing everything in sight and seemingly trying to trip you up every time you turn around, the poor thing is exhausted.

A dog bed is a crucial purchase in keeping your dog happy. It doesn’t need to be a luxury chaise longue encrusted with rhinestones (despite what some celebrities would have you think). It can be a simple blanket in a corner. What it DOES have to be is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of family life, warm and soft.

A dog bed gives your dog a place to take some time out and recharge his batteries. Somewhere safe, warm and quiet that is his and his alone will help your dog ‘sign off’ from doggy duty and get some well deserved rest. See our lists of the best types of dog beds below for some ideas on where your furry friend could lay his head.

  • Best cheap dog beds
  • Best eco-friendly dog beds
  • Bestl uxurious dog beds
  • Best durable dog beds that last
  • Best extra large dog beds
  • Best waterproof dog beds
  • Overall best dog beds

Dog Treats

Dog TreatsDog treats, dog treats, lovely, lovely dog treats! Except, some of them aren’t so lovely. It’s tempting to take the cheapest treats off the supermarket shelf but these can often be more trouble than they are worth in terms of your dog’s long term health.

When using treats for training, your dog ends up chomping on multiple treats – get the wrong kind and you could see your dog getting chubbier than he should be!  Similarly, feeding adult dog treats to puppies could affect their growth. It’s important to get the right kind of dog treats for your dog’s age, size and breed, whether they be commercially or homemade. Our lists below give you the low down on the best kind of treats for your dog.

  • Best dog treats for training
  • Best healthy dog treats
  • Best dog treats for puppies
  • Overall best dog treats

Chew Toys for Dogs

Dog Chew Toys“Omnomnomnomnom. OmnomNOMnomnom” Any dog owner knows that that is the sound of a canine chowing down on SOMETHING. Any dog owner also knows that feeling of abject terror when they hear it, hoping that it isn’t the sound of the new three-piece suite being chewed to oblivion.

Chew toys are fabulous. They are great for keeping your dog’s gnashers away from things they shouldn’t be gnashing on and can keep them busy for hours. A chew toy needs to be tough enough to withstand the jaws of a chewing dog, and also needs to be safe. Anything that goes into your dog’s mouth should be checked first to see if there are any detachable parts or chemicals used that could harm your furry friend.

Dental Chews for Dogs

Dog Dental ChewsPeople say that the eyes are the window to the soul. For dogs, their teeth are the window to their inside bits. A dog’s oral hygiene is imperative to its ongoing health. Preventing build up of plaque and tartar reduces the chance of gum disease in turn. Gum disease can lead to all sorts of nasty conditions and illnesses and can even reduce the effectiveness of your dog’s immune system.

In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth at least three times a week, an occasional dental chew can help keep your dog’s teeth in the best condition they can be.

  • Our pick of the best dental chews

Dog Toys

Dog ToysDogs can get bored, just like humans. The difference is that when humans get bored, they tend not to chew their slippers, piddle on the carpet or zoom from room to room at full speed knocking ornaments off the mantelpiece.

Life gets busy and no dog owner is going to be able to play, train and walk with their dog 100% of the time. For the periods when you are unable to give your pooch your undivided attention, a dog toy is your best friend. It will keep your dog distracted and out of mischief and some can even teach them new tricks!

We’ve collated lists of every kind of toy you can think of, picking the cream of the crop from each category. Take a look and start spoiling your dog!

  • Overall best dog toys
  • Best rope toys
  • Best durable dog toys
  • Best interactive dog toys
  • Best chew toys
  • Best tug toys
  • Best soft toys
  • Best ball toys
  • Best retrieving toys
  • Best toys for puppies

Dog Food

Dog FoodYour dog’s diet is perhaps the most important factor in keeping him healthy. A nutritious, healthy diet will ensure your dog is full of zest and energy, and can even increase the longevity of his life. Feeding your dog poor quality food, or scraps from the table everyday, can lead to malnutrition, which in turn can lead to further conditions such as obesity, joint problems, digestive problems and in extreme cases, the worst flatulence you have ever experienced in your life. The money ‘saved’ on feeding your dog cheap tinned food full of additives and filler will easily be spent on air freshener, if you catch our drift.

We appreciate that owning a dog can be an expensive endeavour sometimes, so we have listed the best of the cheaper dog food that is out there – the ones that won’t cause your dog issues if you add some supplementary nutrition. We also have a list of the best food for puppies and the crème de la crème of premium dog food too.

  • Best high end dog food
  • Best cheap dog food
  • Best dog food for puppies

Best Clothing and Gifts for Dog Lovers


Some of us like to wear our heart on our sleeve. Some of us like to wear our dog on our sleeve too!  Whether you want the world to know how much you love your Jack Russell, or how cool your French Bulldog is, or want to buy a perfect gift for your Doberman mad best friend, we’ve found some great items for you to pick from!

  • Best t-shirts fordog lovers
  • Best mugs fordog lovers

Best Training Equipment for Dogs

All dogs need to be trained, otherwise you end up with a dog that doesn’t mind his Ps & Qs and who could put both you and him in danger.  Training a dog is as easy as you make it, but sometimes having a helping hand can be useful.

Obedience training your dog could see you using a clicker or long lead, whilst taking it to the next level in agility or therapy dog could mean needing a variety of tools and resources to get your dog up to speed. Check out our ultimate list of the best training equipment available for your dog – whatever he is training for!

  • The ultimate list of best training equipment for dogs

Cleaning Products for Dogs

Much as we love dogs, they can be dirty, stinky, hairy, dribbly goofballs, capable of turning even the most disinfected of homes into something that looks like the aftermath of a muddy music festival.

Having the right cleaning products in stock to a) prevent your dog getting mucky in the first place and b) stop them turning your house into a dog hair carpeted mud bath will not only save your sanity, but also your home furnishings!

  • The ultimate list of best cleaning products for dogs

Books for Dog Owners

Yes, the internet is a fabulous tool, but it’s quite tricky accessing articles on how to recall a dog when you are trying to recall a dog in the middle of a mountain range with no 4G signal.

Books are your friend when it comes to looking after your dog. We have sorted through the bestsellers to come up with, in our opinion, the best books available to help you train and care for your dog.

  • The best training books for dogs
  • The best general dog books for dogs

Grooming Products for Dogs

Grooming keeps your dog looking good, allows you to bond with each other and also enables you to check them over for anything out of the ordinary. Grooming should form part of your dog care routine on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Hair brushing, nail clipping, ear and eye checking and bathing are all necessary in keeping your dog in tip-top shape.

We have listed the products we think will prove most useful in looking after your dog’s appearance and health below.