Puppy With Deformed Leg Inspires Woman To Fly Across The Country To Adopt Him


This is Dill. Dill is a super awesome dog. He has a very special super power: the power to make people fall in love with him. His super power worked especially well on one particular lady who decided she just HAD to have him after hearing his story.

Late last year, Dill and his brothers and sisters found themselves at Fetch Wisconsin Rescue.

Source: Fetch Wisconsin Rescue via The Dodo

It became clear after a little while that Dill was a little different to his siblings. The lovely little pup had a deformed front leg.

Source: Fetch Wisconsin Rescue via The Dodo

Despite this, Dill behaved just like a regular puppy with four fully formed legs. He zipped about on his three legs and was an extremely active and bouncy pup. He needed a home though.

Dill Fetch Rescue
Source: Fetch Wisconsin Rescue via The Dodo

One day, Jess Street and her six-year-old daughter Athena found out about Dill. Jess and Athena are in the process of beginning a non-profit community organization called “The Kindness Tribe”. The Kindness Tribe’s aim is to have a positive effect on people’s lives and Jess decided that Dill would make a perfect therapy dog to help her on her mission. Jess found out about Dill from her friend who volunteered at the rescue center. There was just one problem: Wisconsin, where Dill was, is 1,400 miles from Florida, where Jess lives.

It was time for Dill to put his super power into action, sending good vibes to Jess and making her think that they were destined to be together!

As Jess said to The Dodo, “From the price of the flight dropping from almost $300 to almost nothing, to being able to stay with family in Madison, to the amazing people that donated money to Fetch WI to help cover his adoption fee. It was 100 percent meant to be.”

Dill Fetch Wi Rescue
Source: Fetch Wisconsin Rescue via The Dodo

Jess flew the 1,400 miles and picked up Dill, who flew back with her renamed as Doc. He is now an integral part of The Kindness Tribe!

Remember folks, just because someone is different, it doesn’t mean they are any ‘less’ or ‘wrong’. In fact, Doc is SO MUCH MORE in his new role helping people.

Dogs with special requirements have just as much love, fun and affection to give as any other and most are able to lead happy, healthy and long lives with the right care.

Every dog deserves happiness. Just like you. Even if that happiness does mean a 1,400 mile flight to make it happen.

For more details about Dill/Doc’s story, take a look at The Dodo.

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