Puppy Sleeping On Air Vent Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

Cute Dog
Image via Pawstruck.com

We all know of the Andrex puppy. It’s a great example of using cute little Labrador puppies to successfully advertise a brand. In this video, we think we may have a pretender to the Andrex puppy’s advertising throne. If there are any air conditioning manufacturers out there – we recommend you get on the phone to Moki immediately!

Moki is a tiny Labrador pup who has found a great way of cooling down on a hot summer’s day, namely, falling asleep over air vents and letting the cool air gently lull her to sleep. The adorable little bundle is so sweet serenely snoozing away, oblivious to the fact that the air is making her ears flap like a kite on a windy day! Apparently, Moki likes to wander around the house finding different air vents to adopt for her nap times!!

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