Puppy & Piglet Love Will Have Your Heart Strings Twanging


February 14th has come and gone but that doesn’t mean that love isn’t still in the air.  Doggies are still getting in the act, and not only with their canine sweethearts!

Piper the Pig was abandoned and left freezing outside in the cold. Her story got better when she was rescued and went home to her forever family, who utterly adore their porky little pal.

Piper doesn’t just have the love of her family though. She also has another admirer, after a puppy moved in next door. They immediately became best buds and soon, romance came knocking!

The perfect pair love hanging out and snuggling together – they are SO cute.


Who wants to see more of Piper and her puppy pal? You can catch up on their shenanigans on Piper’s Instagram account or read more at  The Dodo.