Puppy Mill Dogs Are Rescued & Given A Second Chance At Life


Warning: This video contains upsetting images.

In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as puppy farms. But this world is not perfect, and they do exist.

Well known dog behaviourist Victoria Stillwell joins forces with the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal’s Office in busting a puppy mill operating in Georgia. Over 500 animals were kept locked up in cramped, filthy conditions, in spaces no bigger than rabbit hutches.

The film of the dogs in this horrific puppy mill will make you weep.

The dogs are still so trusting of humans, hugging and licking their rescuers and reaching out for contact.

We get to see the dogs 6 weeks after their rescue, all looking healthier, happier and relieved to be in a safe place. We join them on a celebration day, where all 500 dogs are going to start the next phase in their life with forever families that have lined up around the block to take one home.

One year later, there is a reunion party for the 500 dogs that were rescued and…well, we will let you watch and see what happens. A truly uplifting story.

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