Puppy Grooming Kitten Is So Sweet


There’s cute and then there’s CUTE and this is a whole lot of CUTE!

This adorably tiny kitten and itty bitty Golden Retriever puppy are the best of friends. Puppy loves grooming kitten, giving her neck long licks, whilst kitten returns the favour by nibbling on puppy’s toes. Puppy decides he needs to do some more grooming so pins kitten down, which she seems a little unimpressed with at first, but then goes with the flow. They continue to snuggle throughout!

The pair of them are just so beautifully cute it hurts. The puppy with his folds and wrinkles, looking like a little old man who has seen it all juxtaposed with the wide eyed naivety of the fluffy kitten made our hearts flutter with all the feels. Don’t you just want to squeeze them both until they (nearly) pop?

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