Puppies: The Greatest Matchmaker On Earth

Buzzfeed Chloe

Ready to get you’re adorable on? Purina and Buzzfeed have joined forces to make THE cutest advert ever. Chloe the puppy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her owner are just the sweetest pair in the world. Chloe’s owner isn’t much of a stickler for the rules and thank goodness he isn’t, as taking Chloe ‘undercover’ into a store where pets aren’t allowed helps him connect with a lovely lady in the aisles! They met a girl!

Mr Smooth and his furry sidekick enchant the lady so much, she agrees to come over for dinner. Chloe and her Dad getting ready for the date (including a hysterical shared bath with matching bubble horns) is totally awesome and the date itself goes pretty well too, mainly thanks to beautiful Chloe! This had us in stitches and we are sure you’ll enjoy it too!

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