Puppies Stuck In A Pipe Are Rescued From Certain Death

Puppies stuck in a pipe

An adorable puppy was found stuck in an old water pipe in a crumbling house. In order to rescue him, brave people had to dig through floors, avoid falling ceilings and worked in the bitter cold. They then discovered he wasn’t the only stuck pup! The little beauty had two siblings backed up behind him in the very, very small pipe!

Want to guess what names the three siblings were given by rescuers? Chilly, Frozen and Ice!

The gorgeous little pups are now free of a life on the streets, huddling for warmth in dangerous buildings, but they ARE looking for forever homes. If you think you can help, contact the Stray Rescue of St Louis and help these pups warm up some more through lots of hugs and love. Please share their story and help them find a home!

Puppy Rescued From Pipe

All he needed was a hero.

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, January 19, 2016