Puppies In A Box Cuteness


Bichon Frise dogs are notoriously cute but Bichon Frise puppies really take the biscuit, especially when you pop them in a cardboard box to play! These two bright white and tiny cuties manage to make a box an adventure playground, wriggling, squirming and clambering over each other to find a suitable spot, seemingly playing peek a boo by ducking their heads down before popping back out and just chilling out and relaxing with their heads hanging over the sides.

They are absolutely adorable as they scrunch up their faces in concentration and shuffle around trying to get comfy for their nap time, with one getting frustrated at the other and bopping them on the shoulder and nipping their nose to let the know who is the boss of the box! You will be hard pressed to cope with the cuteness in this video, we promise!


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