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Puppy Care
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If you Google ‘Puppy Care Tips’, you get 5,620,000 results back. That’s a LOT of tips.

Every new puppy owner wants to know the best way to look after their puppy. Even owners with lots of experience in raising puppies need a reminder or helping hand in how to deal with looking after their pup. With all that information out there, it’s easy to get confused over what is best for your puppy.

We have pulled together a list of the most commonly advocated ways to care for your puppy, the tips that seem to work the best in most cases. Please feel free to add your own puppy care tips in the comments too. (Let’s get Google to return 5,620,001 results!)

1. Your Puppy Is Unique

The most important puppy care tip to remember, above all else, is that your puppy is an individual and so are you. Take guidance from experts, books and the internet, but remain aware that not everything works the same way for every puppy. Feel free to adapt advice to fit you and your puppy’s personality, lifestyle and circumstances.

2. know Where Your Puppy Came From

Choose a reputable breeder and ask to see the puppy with its mother and littermates. If you are rescuing a puppy from a shelter, ask questions about the puppy’s history. Do your research before getting a puppy. The more you know about your puppy before you take it home, the more likely you will be to have a happy pup!

3. Introducing Your Puppy To Your Home

Your puppy will be nervous at being separated from its littermates when you take it home for the first time. Ease the transition by minimising loud noises, giving puppy its own space in a carrier or crate and don’t let people handle the puppy too much, too soon.

4. Microchip Your Puppy

Microchip your puppy as soon as you can, and add an ID tag to its collar. More than 100,000 dogs are lost or stolen each year and puppies are renowned for being escape artists. Make sure you can be reunited quickly with your puppy if the worst happens.

5. How To Socialise A Puppy

Socialise your puppy properly. Between 8 weeks and 6 months is when puppy learns how to behave like a calm, confident dog. Take puppy to puppy training classes and give him the opportunity to experience lots of new people, places and sounds to prevent him being fearful of new situations.

6. Feeding a Puppy

Feed your puppy the right food. A puppy has different nutritional needs to adult dogs and need a finely balanced diet to ensure that their joints and bones develop properly. Buy specially formulated puppy food, or if you are feeding a raw diet, read up to make sure he is getting all the vitamins, fats and minerals he requires for good health.

7. Where Should A Puppy Sleep

Create a designated sleeping area for puppy where he can see what is going on. Don’t place him in a draft or the back yard. There is no such thing as an ‘outdoor dog’. Dogs are social animals, so make them feel included.

8. Choosing A Name For A Puppy

Choose a great name for your puppy that is easy for him to understand. Keep it to two syllables if possible and try not to choose anything that rhymes with commands. If a name is too long, the puppy will not be able to process it properly. By the time you have finished saying “Sit, Bartholomew”, Bartholomew will have forgotten what you are asking him to do. Make sure all family members use the same name and be consistent so puppy knows what is expected of him

9 Puppy Training And Playing

Take time out for petting and playing. This is a pretty obvious one but you’d be surprised how many owners forget a puppy needs interaction outside of training. Teach puppy how to play properly, use his inhibited bite and know when to stop by playing tug of war games, fetch or just some nice tummy tickles.

10. How Much Exercise Should A Puppy Have?

Exercise your puppy. Once he has his vaccinations, you can take him outside. A good rule of thumb for the length of walks is 5 minutes for each month of puppy’s age, so a 4 month old puppy can handle a 20 minute walk.

Those top ten straightforward, solid tips will help you care for your puppy properly and give him the best chance of growing up into a wonderful dog. Good luck in caring for your puppy and have fun!

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