Princess Leia The Boxer Is So Adorable Falling Asleep


Listen, we know lots of 8 month old babies that use a pacifier. It’s a common sight to see a little one sucking away for comfort…but a DOG doing it????!!! What is the world coming to?

Princess Leia has decided that chew toys are beneath her, bones hold no interest and bedtime stories are a no go, but a pacifier is exactly what she needs to help her nod off to sleep.

She is a little cutie as she sucks away on the little dummy, really working those jaw muscles and being totally oblivious of the fact that DOGS DON’T DO THAT!!!

However having seen how cute she looks as she dozes off contentedly whilst chomping away before snoring herself into happy dreamland, we are tempted to make it a compulsory activity for our canine friends. What an absolute snoozy cutie!



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