Prepare To Explode With Love Watching These Sleeping Husky Puppies


Sometimes on The I Love Dogs Club, we post videos of dogs not doing much at all. This is one of those videos.

HOWEVER: This surely wins the ‘Cutest Video Ever Where Not Much Happens’ Award 2015 because oh-my-goodness-gosh-these-puppies-are-so-cute *breathes into a paper bag*.

Take six Husky puppies, line ‘em up in a row and let them fall to sleep and winner winner chicken dinner, you’ve got yourself a bona fide cute overload.

Watch these adorable little critters tessellate perfectly with one another as they snooze away, their heads reach resting on the head of the puppy before them. See their little arms and legs twitch as they dream about chasing rabbits. Most of all, just let yourself be mesmerised by the cuteness. This is one of those videos you’ll want to play on a loop for hours while you explode with the super cuteness of it all!

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