Pomeranians Reunite With Owner And A Fluff Invasion Ensues!


Ever wondered what it would be like to be attacked by a swarm of candy floss? You can get close to the reality here as we see a bundle of Pomeranians go crazy at the return of their owner. She has been away in Nature Valley for 3 weeks and boy did her cute little fluff balls miss her!

We found it impossible to count how many Pomeranians there are as the fuzzy fellas and ladies all merge into one big cuteness invasion. Regardless, all of the tiny dogs seem to be over the moon to see Mom again, wagging their tails, jumping up for hugs and smiling happily at the camera. The tiny little barks of delight show just how happy these beautiful creatures are to be reunited with their best pal. Do you get welcomes like these when you return home?

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