Pomeranian Thinks She Is A Cat


You know what? Some animals are just totally daft, and this video is the evidence to prove it!

When is a Pomeranian not a Pomeranian? When it’s a cat….. well, at least this Pomeranian THINKS she is a cat, lying down next to her ‘littermates’ on the couch. Then you have cutie kitten number one, who has some sort of uber cute kickboxing dream making her flail her limbs around.

Next in line is a tiny ginger and white kitten appearing as if from nowhere (we thought he was part of the Pomeranian at first!) and lashing out at an invisible intruder before realising he/she doesn’t exist and having a lovely stretch instead.

After they all roll over for a cuddle, it’s middle tabby kitten’s turn to ‘shake it out’ a little, waking up all her dozing siblings (and that pesky Pomeranian!)

The best thing about the whole video is watching the Pomeranian stay as still as possible, perhaps in the hope that if she doesn’t move, no one will notice she ISN’T A CAT!

This bundle of daft animals is just a joy to watch as they mesmerise you with your antics – a true feel good film!