Pomeranian Smiling Will have You Smiling Too!


Little Pomeranian Mickey is a total sweetheart. If you ever wanted to see what unconditional love and happiness look like, he’s your man. Mickey gives a great big tongue out smile and a very polite paw shake as he gazes at his Mom adoringly. His smile gets wider and wider then the expression changes to one of confusion as Mom takes her hand away, but not for long, because here she is again holding his other paw! Mickey looks so relieved and like he can’t quite believe his luck, even giving a sneaky wink to camera at one point and going ever so slightly cross eyed!

Mickey continues to play tag team with his paws and every time he switches you can see the unadulterated joy in his eyes and beaming smile – it’s a real pleasure to watch such a besotted furry friend in action!

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