Pet Visits When You’re in Hospital? How AWESOME is That??

Pet Visits Hospital

Our pets are family. Period. Dogs, cats, hamsters and even goldfish are included in family occasions, are bought birthday and Christmas gifts and some even have a say in family decisions (come on, how many of you have decided against a tradesperson because your dog has taken against them?) Our animals act as friend, confidant and even therapist sometimes and can be a fantastic way of cheering you up after a stressful day, or when you are feeling under the weather.

The Juravinski Hospital, in Canada has recognised the benefits that animals can bring to patients in terms of both improved mental and emotional health. The hospital has paved the way in innovation by allowing peoples’ dogs and cats to come and visit them on the wards during recovery.

Pet Visits Hospital
Source: CTV News – YouTube

Medicine can cure most ills, but it seems that the pets are having an additional effect on patients, bringing therapy and comfort at a level that a doctor can’t. The Juravinski Hospital is great in adopting a pet visiting programme and we hope that other hospitals will join in. Anything that helps people get better is a good thing, right? Especially as it doesn’t cost a penny!

The video below gives the lowdown on the whole story

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