Oakley Really Doesn’t Like Bath Time


Oakley the dog is VERY unimpressed after his bath, with hysterical results. He is given a human voiceover who lets us know exactly what Oakley thinks of this abomination, explaining how angry he is at being wet, how he hates having a wet butt and why bathing is not for dogs. He’s a very confrontational little dog, at one point threatening to take on his owner in a bit of a kerfuffle to try and really get his point across: WET DOGS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!

He goes on to show his displeasure in a number of funny ways too: hopping about, running back and forth, drying himself off on the carpet and that age old doggy favourite, shaking himself off over furniture and humans. He looks so funny all drenched, with his fur sticking up all over the place. Watch to the end to see how he gets his own back



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