Neglected Dogs Are Given A New lease Of Life By Vet Ranch


Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch introduces us to two adorable 4 month old puppies from a local shelter who have contracted a bad case of mange. Song and Paula were in the dog pound and due to be euthanised, but thankfully they were rescued just in time. The poor mites are covered in scabs and have very thin hair where the mange has done its damage.

With the help of Vet Ranch, a couple of weeks later the dogs are healthy enough to go to foster homes. Watching these two dogs go from scruffy, mangy, sad little dogs into playful, healthy and happy hounds is just so inspiring. All of the treatment was given free of charge by Vet Ranch Inc., a non-profit organisation.

Thank you Dr Matt and Vet Ranch for everything you do for these pups in need!

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