Mufasa The Senior Rescue Dog Will Reduce You To Tears


Following a call from a concerned worker at a water treatment plant, the Hope For Paws charity discovers an old dog living rough, right next to water tanks full of dangerous chemicals. It will break your heart seeing his sad eyes. He is understandably wary of humans so they coax him nearer with cheeseburgers before getting a leash on him and naming him Mufasa, mainly because he looks a little like a lion with his fur!

He is upset when caught but instantly calms down with some more treats and even allowing some head tickles after initially flinching at a human touch. Mufasa enjoys his ride in the car, leaning in for cuddles and snacks before having a nice shower to bring his coat back up to its prime along with a health check to ensure his wellbeing.

Mufasa is then fostered by, a charity that specialises in finding forever homes for senior dogs. Mufasa is very happy in his foster home, receiving love and cuddles from his temporary carers, but he, and others like him, need a permanent place to stay.