Missing Dog Returns To Family – After TWO Years!


What’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare? Aside from illness, a dog going missing is right up there in the sadness stakes. The Braun family were sad indeed when their dog went missing in the mountains on a camping trip in 2012. A gunshot spooked Murphy, their five year old Golden Retriever, who sped off into the woods and just didn’t come back…

The family spent two days searching for Murphy and then made missing posters for the dog, but to no avail. The family didn’t give up hope though, repeatedly sharing pictures of Murphy and searching for her. A whole two years later, they returned to the campsite to look for Murphy, where the owner said he had seen someone rather familiar that had been scaring the campers!

The Brauns were delighted to see Murphy waiting for them with open paws and took her home for lots of cuddles! A true miracle!

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