Missing Dog Leads To A Beautiful Love Story With A MEGA Happy Ending!

Lost Dog

Buster, a 12-year-old Bichon Frise went missing. His owners were heartbroken and spent many days searching for him. Buster didn’t have his collar on when he went missing, but did have a microchip, that connected with a missing animal database.

His owners also made hundreds of posters about their missing dog, and placed them all over the neighbourhood and saturated social media with his picture. Buster’s owners shared his details with every vet, groomer and dog walker in the area and registered him with every pet finding service they could find. They also travelled round local animal shelters looking for him. At one of the shelters they found another Bichon Frise needing a home. They named her Lola and took her home. They decided that Buster had sent her to them.

A happy ending right? Well, not quite – keep watching to the end of the video to see just what a MEGA HAPPY ENDING looks like!

Here's a little vid we made about Buster's story. We hope this encourages people to get their animals micro-chipped, and to take found dogs to someone who can scan them for a chip…someone might be looking for them. Thanks for sharing!UPDATE: Here is a great resource where you can register your pet's chip for FREE! http://www.foundanimals.org/resources/articles/how-do-microchips-work

Posted by Laura Evans on Wednesday, January 27, 2016