Maria The Dog Is An Inspirational Teacher To Kids


Meet Miss Maria. This beautiful dog has had a rough life. Her spine was crushed in an accident and she is now a bi pedal dog, as her back legs had to be amputated. She narrowly avoided being used as a bait dog for dog fighting when police found her dumped in the back yard at her previous owner’s house.

Maria was taken to animal control before being rescued by a shelter and finally found some happiness with the Devoted Barn organisation. The Devoted Barn helps children understand how to be good pet owners through the Good Pet Guardian lesson plan. Maria gets to visit schools in Detroit to show children what can happen to animals that aren’t taken care of.

Maria grins and smiles as the children gather round to pet her and give her lots of love. She wears a dry bag to protect her legs and is more than happy pulling herself along with her front two paws. She is just like any other dog – loyal, affectionate and loves to be loved.

What an inspiration.

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