Man Rescues Two legged Pup Due To Be Euthanised


There are some amazing people in this world and Ken Rogers is one of them. Ken is in the process of rescuing little Deuce the Chihuahua from a shelter. But this isn’t just any rescue dog – Deuce only has two legs.

Ken has already adopted a two legged pup, called Kandu, over 10 years ago. Kandu gets around on a specially made wheelchair and as ken says, having a disabled dog has been no hardship to him and his family. Deuce was scheduled to be euthanised down in Texas, but a Colorado based animal rescue travelled to bring him back into ken’s arms.

Deuce is a cute little critter who can do pretty much everything a four legged dog can do, with just a few extra hops and sweater to protect his chest thrown in. this is a wonderful story of being able to look past obstacles and see opportunities, and now Deuce has a loving forever home in which to grow into a big strong dog – Lovely!

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