Man And Dog Get The Surprise Of A Lifetime When The Doorbell Rings


And they call it puppy love!

How cute is Harvey, the world’s most resourceful dog? He’s smart enough to know the power of advertising will persuade his owner to let love conquer all by creating a TV ad that tells his poochy love story with his beloved Poodle, Harmony.

Harvey and Harmony meet at speed dating, go on a first date to the cinema, explore their shared interests at yoga class and the museum (where they join forces to steal a rather large dinosaur bone), get some alone time on a sunlit picnic and go Titanic era Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on us in the back of a car!

Harvey, the old romantic, seals the deal with a special proposal.

Harvey’s owner then gets a shock when the doorbell rings. We won’t spoil the surprise, but make sure you watch to the end to find out how this sweet and adorable tale of love turns out