Man And Woman Get A Surprise Of A Lifetime When They Come Across This Dog Up For Adoption

Harvey Needs A Home

This hysterical video is the brainchild of ThinkBox the advertising agency, and boy do they show how good advertising has an impact.

The commercial opens with a couple visiting the dog shelter and walking by pens, smiling at cute Labradors and Dachshunds before coming to Harvey’s house.

Harvey isn’t much to look at, with a bit of a scruffy coat and a demeanour that suggest a lack of personality, so much so that the couple start to turn their nose up at him and move on.

Clever Harvey has only just begun on his quest for a new home though and deftly clicks on a remote control to show a TV video of him doing the washing, cooking dinner, collecting the kids from school, cleaning shoes and even using the human bathroom, showing his prospective owners just what a good ‘purchase’ he would be.

Harvey’s little wink of confidence at the end of this commercial is so funny and we are positive anyone would want to take him home after seeing his mad skills!