Lullaby Sends Adorable Doggy To Sleep


ARRRGHHHH Someone call the cute police right NOW. There should be a law against things as adorable as this. Watch beautiful Tia the Staffordshire Bull terrier get sung to sleep by her devoted mother and feel all the feels ever.

Tia has lived with her Mum and Dad, two friends living together, since she was 5 weeks old. This lullaby used to send her off to sleep when she was a pup and used to clamber in to bed with her Mum during the night. Her Mum thought it would be interesting to see if it worked on a grown up Tia. Well, it sure does. Tia is dozing away within seconds. A mother’s love makes everything feel safe, huh Tia?

Tia is just too cute as her eyelids get droopy and she slowly lays down for a quick dog nap – we just want to cuddle up with her!

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