Loyal Dog Faces 102 Degree Heat Whilst Protecting The Remains Of Her Buddy


No Kill Kern animal shelter received a tip off that a dog was living in some fields. It was a huge area but the organisation decided to try and track the dog down. They followed her tracks past a corn field and looked all day for her. About to give up hope after a long day in a roasting hot field, they suddenly spotted the dog. They couldn’t work out why the dog kept coming back to the same spot in 102 degree heat, so did a little bit of investigating.

What they found will break your heart. The dog, who the centre named Hachika, was standing guard over the bones of her doggy friend who had been killed in a car accident months before. The centre tracked her for a couple of days, removing the remains of her buddy to a fenced yard, in the hopes that they would catch Hachika. After 12 hours they managed to get Hachika safely into a cage and then to a vet. Watch to the end of the video to find out what happens to this lovely loyal dog!

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Beautiful Hachika enjoying her forever home 🙂


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