Little Yorkie Lovingly Pets His Owner


Handkerchiefs at the ready! This heart-warming, uplifting, tear-jerking video will have your eyes leaking at around the 6 second mark, we promise.

There are few things worse than imagining your dog going missing, but for these lucky owners, they get to welcome their dogs back into their open arms after their time spent missing. Watch how these dogs instantly recognise their loving owners, even after 9 months, 3 years and 8 YEARS away from home.

One dog managed to find his owner after being separated from her in a typhoon – how’s that for smart?

Seeing the love between humans and their beloved animals is just totally life affirming, whilst also being a reminder make sure you collar, tag and microchip your dog so that if the unimaginable happens, you can have a happy ending like these folks and their hounds did!

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