Little Girl’s Disbelief At Her Dog Not Wanting To Be A Princess Is Very Cute


Sierra loves playing with her Newfoundland pup Sebastian. She especially loves dressing up time, singing a melodic coronation song as she crowns ‘Princess Sebastian’ with a cute silver and purple feathered tiara. He looks very regal with his shaggy black coat, doleful eyes and spangly bling on his head! Of course, Sebastian has other ideas and refuses to join in with this particular game, shaking the tiara off. (Maybe he thinks purple isn’t his colour?)

Sierra is shocked when her Mom says he doesn’t want to be a princess…but, Sierra has an immediate solution! “A prince?” she asks, offering up a perfectly reasonable alternative.

Alas, Mom doesn’t think that will be a suitable role for Sebastian either so Sierra gives up and decides to move on…. “Can I have a tangerine?” the little cutie asks, now uninterested in her canine royal family plans!!!!

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