Labrador Puppies Are The Wriggliest Puppies On The Planet!


Chocolate Labrador puppies are always going to be adorable, and this is no exception. Take a one week old litter of puppies, add their mother dog and yell dinnertime and you end up with a writhing mass of adorable. These tiny sweeties haven’t even opened their eyes properly yet, but they know exactly where to go for their lunch and poor old Mum gets stomped and trampled on in their haste to get to her milk.

They also have no qualms about bashing each other out of the way or clambering over siblings to get to the goodies. One pup in particular seems to thoroughly enjoy walking over his brothers and sisters in order to fill himself up!

You also get to see a puppy’s impression of a wriggling worm as he drags himself along the floor with his back legs, having not quite learnt what his front paws are for. Adorable!

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