Kiah The Pit Bull Joins The Police Force


Pit Bulls tend to get a bad rap, with the media portraying them as an aggressive and vicious breed. The more rational amongst us recognise that just like people, there are good guys and bad guys and a lot of the time it’s how you treat them that leads to how they react!

Kiah the American Pit Bull really is an advocate for this beautiful breed, proving that Pit Bulls aren’t just for dog fighting and looking mean. They can provide both love and great service too! Kiah has been trained by the Poughkeepsie police force, in New York state, in being a sniffer dog. Usually a job reserved for German Shepherds and Malamutes, Kiah has picked up all the tips on how to sniff out narcotics and take down some scores!

Kiah comes from the Animal Farm Foundation, a group determined to lessen the discrimination faced by dogs within the Pit Bull breed. This is a great way to start!

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