It’s Raining Dog On This Meteorologist!


It’s Raining Dog On This Meteorologist!

There aren’t many things that feel nicer than a big old dose of puppy love, as NBC’s Ryan Phillips discovered recently. Ryan is a weather presenter on news channel NBC 6 and is used to being left to complete his segment all by himself.

King Ryan Philips
Image via youtube

King, from Pooches in Pines, was the featured dog on the “Pet of the Week” segment that the South Florida news station shows each week, highlighting dogs in need of a new home. The segment usually follows the weather report but King was so excited to be on TV and meet Ryan, he just couldn’t wait his turn. The little fluff bucket raced on set before Ryan could finish his weather report and jumped up on his desk and drowning him in a rain of doggy kisses and licks.

Kings waggy tail showed how desperate he was to shower doggy love everywhere, despite Ryan gently rebuffing his advances at first! Alas, having dog treats in your pocket with an over exuberant dog around is never going to end with the most professional of presentations and King was swift to snuffle into Ryan’s suit for some treats.

Luckily, potential dog adopters tend not to be too fussy when it comes to being serious and Ryan’s most unprofessional performance to date helped find King a new home shortly after his hurricane of a performance. His new Mom and Dad, Pamela McGrath and David Erickson, were originally his foster parents, but King’s antics on live TV helped them decide to take him home forever to live with two other adopted goofball siblings! Now that’s what we call a warm front!

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