Inspiring Dog Raises Thousands of Dollars For Children With Disabilities


Ricochet the dog was originally meant to be a service dog with the Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning Program. She started in her training practically the moment she was born, learning obedience commands and how to interact with humans. As her training went on, however, her instinct for chasing birds kept getting the better of her, meaning that she could ultimately be a risk around the people with disabilities she was meant to be helping.

Her trainer didn’t just abandon Ricochet though – she focused on what Ricochet could do…and Ricochet could surf! Ricochet was trained to surf in the ocean in order to help with fundraising for the program and to raise awareness of what the program does.

One of her first fundraising activities was tandem surfing with Patrick, which resulted in over $10,000 raised and three years of physical therapy being offered by WebMD Health Foundation. Ricochet loves her surfing nd loves the people she helps. This is a totally inspirational video that sends a strong message – if at first you don’t succeed, try something else instead!

Find out more about Ricochet’s amazing charitable work here

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