Incredible Undercover Footage Captures Dogs Stealing snacks

Dogs Stealing Snacks

Dogs can be pretty sneaky when they want to be, being experts at hiding bones, covering up evidence of chewed up socks and even running away from the scenes of their trash emptying crimes. This bunch of thieving marauders, however, have all been caught firmly in the act!

These hilarious dogs have all discovered ways of supplementing their daily diet with treats and snacks they really shouldn’t have. Watch and laugh as you see dogs work out how to climb furniture, knock treat canisters off counter tops, open fridge doors and even steal food almost literally from babies’ mouths.

A couple of them have taken it to the next level, knowing how to open drawers and cupboard doors and hop from chairs to kitchen work tops. There is one little Pug who hasn’t quite worked out his approach to stealing treats though – he needs a helping hand to get his…awwwwwwww.

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