Incredible Footage Of A Cat Giving A Dog A Face Massage!


What better way to recover from a stressful day than with a soothing, gentle massage? This pitbull agrees and so turns to his best friend for some rest and relaxation help. The only thing is, his masseuse is a beautiful black and white cat!

Yes, this feline and canine pair have their roles all worked out! Kitty first gets doggy in the mood for snooze by gently kneading his face and making sure he is comfortable on the massage table, in this case a rather cosy looking dog bed. Then she really gets into her job, pushing and pulling doggy’s jowls and easing the tension away.

After a while, doggy shows his appreciation with a few thank you licks around kitty’s ears and face which she accepts with gratitude before letting him know he needs to relax and unwind with a lovely snuggle. Totally adorable.

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