If You’re A Happy Dog And You Know It…CLAP YOUR HANDS!

Benny Clap Hands

Watching this will have you clapping your hands as you will be happy and know about it! There are so many tricks you can teach your dog, but this one takes the biscuit! The most adorable little pooch is getting ready for bed time and Mom is singing him a bit of a lullaby. Benny enjoys the song “If you’re happy and you know it” so much, he can even do the hand actions.

All it takes is some tummy rubs and the instruction to “clap your hands” and away he goes! ARRRGHHH our cute sensor just broke!

The cute little pup is SO good at the actions, very precisely clapping his hands to the beat of the tune. He looks SO happy and relaxed chilling out to his favourite tune. What an adorable way to say goodnight. Now, reckon we could teach our dogs to do the actions to The Birdy Song?


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