Hysterical French bulldog Named Junior ‘Sings’ Say Something Duet With Owner


This endearing trio of songsters will have you cracking up laughing, we promise! Junior the French Bulldog is driving around town with his Daddies, ears flapping in the wind. Daddy Emmanuelle decides to stick ‘Say Something’ by ‘A Great Big World’ onto the MP3 player and starts singing along, just like most of us do in our cars.

What’s different about this video? Well, Junior decides that singing isn’t just for humans and joins in with the fun. Seriously, this cute wrinkly faced ball of chub is utterly adorable as he croons away with his Dad, forming the cutest little ‘O’ with his mouth as he stays on the longer notes. The clever dog even knows the difference between his forte and his calando, warbling both loudly and quietly during the song.

His other Daddy starts laughing hysterically as Junior gives his all to the song, at which point we can pretty much guarantee you will lose it too!

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