Husky Puppies Snoozing Is So Beautiful


Quick. Think of the cutest thing on the planet. Now, compare it to the adorable Husky babies in this video. A very, very close run thing huh?

These striking Husky puppies are a thing of absolute beauty as they doze the day away, from their gorgeous black and white markings to their tiny little button noses, the razor sharp titchy claws and panda like eyes. Huskies are renowned for their natural instinct for running but it doesn’t look like there is any running to be done soon with these little sweeties! Maybe they are just recharging their batteries before running a marathon?

The four of them doze and dream and twitch away and just reel you in with their sweetness. Make sure you watch right to the very end to see the most adorable little puppy yawn you ever saw!

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