Husky Kisses Kitten All Better And It’s Super Adorable


Hands up anyone who knows an animal that likes going to the vet? Not very many at all, we expect. Well, Rose the kitten is no exception. She has to get her booster shots at the vet and doesn’t look too happy about it. Needles – ugh!

Luckily, Lilo the friendly Husky is on hand to make things all better. Lilo seems to be auditioning for a veterinary nurse position as she scampers around to check everything is ok in the treatment room before leaning in for some “get better soon” kisses and licks.

Unfortunately, Rose still seems unimpressed (well, would you want a stinky dog breath kiss on the face just after you had an injection?) We guess that as there doesn’t seem to be any lollipops or stickers to hand to cheer Rose up, she’ll just have to make do with Nurse Lilo, who is doing her very best!

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