Howling Puppy Has The Best Cry Ever


In Japan, the word for cute is ‘kawaii’ and we think we have found quite possibly the most kawaii puppy howl on Earth. ‘The Best Cry Ever’ went viral a while back, showing a chap literally howling when he heard some news. This clever owner decided to show the ‘meme’ to his puppy via the wonderful medium of the internet to see what happened.

Well, you can probably guess what happens next. This clever little blue eyed poppet is a very fast learner and swiftly copies the video, letting out his own little cries through a perfect ‘O’ of a mouth with titchy little teeth on show. He is so wrinkly and cute and looks like he can’t quite understand why the man is crying before sharing in his pain with a hearty “Waaarrraaaoooaoohhhh” too.

Of course, the puppy may not be copying the internet star and instead could be howling to ask his owner to quit showing him the same clip again and again!

Kawaii, Kawaii, Kawaii!

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