How One Woman Rescues Disabled Dogs In Peru Will Amaze You


It’s always sad hearing about abandoned and stray dogs, and this story is no exception. The Milagros Perrunos dog shelter, in Lima, Peru works hard at rescuing dogs and finding them new homes.

The shelter focuses on dogs who have been injured and partially paralysed in road traffic accidents. Bucking the trend for a tendency to put disabled dogs down in some countries, the shelter provides resources and care to enable these dogs to have a second shot at life.

Sarah Moran, who runs the shelter, makes no profit and relies on donations in order to help the injured dogs, who she rehabilitates both physically and emotionally.

Some dogs at the shelter use wheelchairs and others have had amputations, but watching these pups play on the beach in this video shows that dogs are made of sturdy stuff and can have happy, joyful lives even after the most horrific of experiences. What an inspirational woman and what inspirational dogs!

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