Homeless Dog Living In A Cardboard Box Is Given A New Life


This poor little dog was homeless and living on the streets with only a cardboard box as his home, invisible to everyone that passed him by.

When this kind couple rescued little Buzu he was not in good shape; full of fleas, he had Allergic Dermatoses which led to hair loss on parts of his body.

After a nice bath and a good healthy meal Buzu started his amazing transformation almost immediately! Just a little bit of love and care made all the difference for little Buzu and he is now a completely different dog.

Buzu is now a healthy 5 -6 year old friendly and happy dog. He gets on well with other dogs and has made best friends with the cat! The things he appreciate the most though is the things he didn’t have on the streets such as love, food, security and someone to care for him.

What this couple did for Buzu is truly a wonderful thing and his transformation is amazing however he now needs a forever home.

If you are interested in providing the forever home little Buzu needs please contact howlofadog@gmail.com for more information.

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