Amazing Mum Gives Birth To Puppies After Being Hit By A Car


(Please note: graphic images of surgery included in this article)

featured-image-1Very recently, The I Love Dogs Club Rescue Team along with One World Sanctuary received a call from a concerned member of the public. They explained that a dog had been run over in a road accident which had left her with a severely damaged leg.

To add to the horror, the caller explained that they were pretty sure the injured dog was heavily pregnant. Not only was the dog’s life in the balance, but those of her unborn puppies were too.

The One World Sanctuary and The I Love Dogs Club Rescue teams rushed to the scene, fearing the worst. When they arrived, they were totally shocked at what they found…

The poor dog had been so severely injured that her leg was completely broken. In fact, it was hanging off of her body by only a few tendons, with the bone totally exposed. The rotten smell emanating from her leg suggested a bad infection, indicating that the poor mother-to-be had endured the terrible injury for several days.

The story then took a turn for the worse…

The caller had thought that the injured dog was still pregnant, but to the astonishment of her rescuers, they discovered that she had already given birth AFTER the car accident and was still bloated from pregnancy. The rescuers had worried about the lives of the unborn puppies. Now, they were in a race against time to find a litter of LIVE puppies, only a matter of days old, fending for themselves.

After searching the local area, the rescue team thankfully discovered the puppies hidden under a building on a pier. Considering all that they had been through, they were remarkably healthy, a testament to the amazing strength and perseverance of their injured mother; there was no way she was leaving her babies, never mind the horrific pain she was in.


The rescue team set to work, digging in the sand, dirt and rubbish to find all of the puppies. After hours of hard work in the boiling sun, the first stage of the rescue was complete. The team saved the lives of seven beautiful puppies!


The team then concentrated on stage two of the rescue; catching their injured mother and rushing her to the nearest animal hospital to receive immediate treatment on her leg.


Despite the treatment, the infection had spread and meant that the wonderful mother dog’s leg had to be amputated.


After her surgery, Mum and her puppies were taken to the One World Sanctuary where they received the best medical care, and were able to recover in a safe and loving environment.

The look on the mother dog’s face when she was reunited with her pups brought tears to her rescuers eyes. She was so happy to have her babies with her again.


Just look at that wonderful smile!

How You Can Help?

Please help the amazing Pia, her pups and the 150+ other animals in the care of One World Sanctuary by making a donation today.

Mum was named Pia, after the abandoned pier she had taken her puppies to. Both Pia and her puppies are still at One World Sanctuary, recovering from the ordeal, where they are all making great progress. The sanctuary is run by just one single man and relies on donations to offer a safe space for dogs and cats.

You can find out more about Pia and her puppies and many other rescue stories on the One World Sanctuary website and Facebook page. You will be amazed by the fantastic work they do.

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