Touching Tribute To His Dying Dog Who Helped Him Beat Cancer


This bittersweet, beautiful and heart-breaking video shows just how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you love. Told from a dying dog’s perspective, we are taught how trivial our problems are and how to value friendship with our wonderful furry friends.

Denali and Ben are best friends and have been together since Denali was a puppy. But now Denali is dying of cancer. We watch their lives unfold via sailing in the desert, going surfing, chatting up girls and hanging out with famous people. Ben is a photographer by trade and Denali was his best subject. When Ben realised Denali was dying, he decided to take him to all their old haunts. We learn that Ben collapsed on a camping holiday and was then diagnosed with cancer. Denali stayed with Ben in the hospital and eventually, Ben went into remission.

Both knew what the other is going through and their bond was unbreakable. Denali knew when his time had come and let Ben know. They spent the night asleep together before beautiful Denali died.

The next time someone you love walks in the door, go totally insane with joy.

Go and hug your dog and tell him or her how much you love them. Right now.