Hilarious Conversation Between Huskies About A Toy


We’ve met Laika and Mishka the adorable talking huskies before and this time around they are as hysterical in their discourse as ever! Poor old Laika is unimpressed that Mishka has pinched his favourite toy and is happily playing with it on the sofa. Through a series of yelps, barks and howls, we discover that Mishka is never giving that toy up, especially after Laika buried his other favourite toy and then forgot where it was.

Laika looks longingly at his toy and then sadly straight to camera and his big blue eyes just melt your heart. Mishka gives him a few side eyes to check he isn’t about to swipe her prize away which is just hilarious. Moki the black dog also gets in on the act, sneaking away to dig up Mishka’s other toy! Poor Mishka, his toy is GOOONNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE!

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