Hiccupping Puppy Will Just Melt Your Heart

puppy hiccups

Buck is an 8 week old heeler who hasn’t experienced much of the world just yet, which explains his overly bewildered response to getting the hiccups. This adorable puppy is such a good boy sitting on the back seat of the car in his harness waiting for a trip, when suddenly out of nowhere comes his first ever hiccup!

You see his tail wag and then stop as Buck realises something isn’t quite right and then looks around for the culprit making his tummy wiggle. The next hiccup unnerves the poor little cutie even more, as he growls and snaps at some imaginary hiccup villain in the air. A third hiccup and Buck is looking at Dad for some help, looking at the camera as if to say “You never warned me about this!”

One final hiccup really drives Buck crazy and he decides to show those hiccoughs what for by being VERY fierce and unleashing his best barks on them – perhaps he is trying to scare them away before he tries holding his nose and drinking a glass of water upside down?

The ending of this video and the sounds he makes (aside from the hiccups) are just totally cute, cute cute!