Henry the puppy doesn’t know he is blind and deaf – but he knows he would love a home for Christmas

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Feisty puppy Henry doesn’t let his disabilities get in the way of having fun!

Tiny 13-month-old Cavapoo Henry can only make out dark shadows and is cut off from the outside world, but that hasn’t put a downer on his feisty personality

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue
Image via Facebook West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Meet Henry. Henry is a 13-month-old Cavapoo who is both deaf and blind. He can only make out dark shadows and can’t hear at all.

Henry has no idea that he is different from other dogs. As Dante Harker, from Huddersfield-based West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, says: “He doesn’t realise how different he is – he just thinks that’s how all dogs are.”

Sadly, Henry was recently taken in to be looked after by a foster carer with the West Yorkshire Dog rescue as his owner became too ill to look after him. Now, Henry, seen playing with best buddy Kain in the video above, is looking for a new home for Christmas.

Dante told The West Yorkshire News newspaper that Henry had previously been owned by a dog breeder. “No one knew he was blind and deaf until he underwent a routine vet’s check after he came into our care,” says Dante. “His eye structure is different to any other dog’s he had seen.”

Henry Cavapoo
Image via Facebook West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Whilst deafness and blindness are common afflictions that beset older dogs, it is extremely rare for dogs to be born this way. Nothing seems to phase Henry though. As Dante explains: “He’s a very sweet little dog and gets on with all the others. He has bags of personality. He runs about at high speed everywhere and finds life great fun.”

Henry and the rescue are now looking for a special family that can look past his disabilities and provide him with the love and care that he so desperately needs. Anyone who would like to offer Henry a new home for Christmas, and for life, can call Kathy Trout on 07711 617148.