Help find the Gumtree seller who sold a fatally ill dog for £475

Lhaso Apso Puppy

Puppy kept in terrible conditions dies just a day after being bought on selling site.

Lhaso Apso Puppy
The Lhaso Apso puppy bought via Gumtree. Image via Facebook Scottish SPCA

The Scottish SPCA have launched an investigation to find the unknown seller who sold a Lhaso Apso puppy via Gumtree. The puppy died only three days after being delivered to her new home.

The puppy, which showed signs of being kept in very poor conditions, had been bought for £475 via the selling site from a seller identified only as ‘James’ from Kirkcaldy.

The buyer bought the puppy from the free-ad site on November 8th of this year, but the tiny pup became severely ill just a day later with multiple canine infections and had to be treated by a vet.

The puppy died two days later.

Lhaso Apso Puppy Gumtree
The Gumtree advert. Image via Facebook Scottish SPCA

‘James’ offered to deliver the puppy to the buyer’s house and turned up with the dog but no receipt or documentation. Also, ‘James’ was a woman.

A Scottish SPCA officer said: “The female who attended was described as around 60 years old, of heavy build, with a full head of grey hair and a local accent.

“She was driving a large white 4×4 vehicle and was accompanied by two children, a girl and boy aged around eight to ten years old, who she said were her grandchildren.”

Just three days later, the buyer had nothing to show for her £475 other than a broken heart and a substantial vet bill.